I was captivated by the softness and apparent fragility the intense yellow Lilly displayed before me. It was amid a spring bouquet of snap dragons, wax flowers and leptospermums – all of which… Continue reading

Becoming Aware

When my son walked into the kitchen the other evening….I was expecting him to do his usual begging for me to find his pajamas.  Instead, I was faced with another look of astonishment… Continue reading

My Ian

I had just returned home from DC……although, it is selfish in nature..I’m glad he’s still “little” enough that I can pick him up – and glad that he still loves to be picked… Continue reading

Legislative Points

First, I would like to thank the following Legislative individuals for taking the time to meet with our Team (Myself, Mary and Judith) on Monday, March 8th as well as for their continued… Continue reading


I believe in continuity of care.  I believe in advocating for all children, and I believe there is no need for justification when it comes to finding a solution on how to manage… Continue reading


Sometimes, we as parents are continually focused on how we can improve upon our parenting skills.  Believe it or not, we are probably doing as good a job as anyone else – but,… Continue reading

Not Wanting RSS

This afternoon, my two sons and I took the liberty of driving a friend home from school.  His mom needed a favor, and I obliged – it wasn’t a hard decision.  I got… Continue reading

Russell-Silver Syndrome

So WHAT Is Russell-Silver Syndrome? The incidence rate of RSS is extremely rare, at a rate of 1 in 50,000 to 1 in 100,00 births.  RSS children have a myriad of phenotypes, or… Continue reading

My First Blog – Caring for “Her” Special Needs Child

I had bolused (g-tube-fed) my son prior to taking him to school with his brother.  It was a typical morning, in that we rushed around the house, finding socks in the clean laundry… Continue reading

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