About Advocacy and Me

Hi!  I’m an advocate…and always will be.

When I was younger, my mother called me “difficult”. <LOL>  It was my way or the highway!   As I got older, we realized I was just “determined”.  But, I loved to help others – not necessarily because they needed help either <wink>.  I’ve always viewed the world with a non-judgemental and loving perspective – and always with a mission.  Clearly,  these traits led me down a path to be an incredibly indpendent advocate. 

I have always believed that God provides us with experiences – not only to face the challenges and direction that he has in place for us – but, to help and guide others.  It is with these experiences that we can offer our support, guidance and love to others during ther time of need.

Certainly, I have had my share of experiences – and even as a young child – my willingness to put my neck out there for someone else, express my opinions without fear of retribution were the building blocks of the future.  Although there were struggles, I believed the challenges I faced throughout life and the determination to get through those challenges would somehow fall together gracefully for bigger challenges to come.

And thus, when my youngest child was born – my prayers to utilize my ability to make a difference in people’s lives came to fruition.  My child was diagnosed at a very young age with a rare syndrome (Russell-Silver Syndrome).  I’ll save that story for a later date <wink>.  It was through this experience that God granted me a way to continue to be independent, determined and loving – all at the same time.  It was through advocacy of caring for my child, making sure his needs were met, and now six year’s later – the experience to help and grow with others in similar circumstance…….this affirms for me – I am truly an Advocate today.

I love you boys – all three of you.