China Adoption: The Gift of Life for a Russell-Silver Syndrome Boy



“I didn’t give you the gift of life, life gave me the gift of you.” Unknown Author


Despite harsh realities, the world is full of astonishing endearment, and the Anderson family story is a perfect example.


An Extraordinary Journey.  Luo, a beautiful boy from China was found abandoned on a bridge, in the middle of freezing winter, in November of 2012. Despite being born early and so tiny, this struggling baby was a fighter. Luo was immediately taken to a hospital and from there sent to a foster care organization.

Our Amazing World Doing Miraculous Things.  Luo’s foster parents are Americans. With limited experience in Russell-Silver Syndrome, they immediately self-diagnosed this little boy, and knew he needed to be cared for with proper treatment.  They provided frequent feedings, watched for blood sugar issues, and carefully monitored his growth.

Flash forward a year, and Luo was being considered for adoption by a family who had contacted The MAGIC Foundation. Sadly, the family backed out of the adoption, feeling they couldn’t handle “a special needs child”.  The MAGIC Foundation couldn’t believe this beautiful, healthy little boy might be without a family, so months ago, they posted his story on Facebook.

Our Miraculous World Doing Amazing Things.  Amy Andersen and her husband, who have four young children (one with Russell-Silver Syndrome) fell in love with Luo upon seeing his story. They have gone through enormous mountains of paperwork to “speed-walk” through the Chinese adoption process – which undoubtedly they knew could take a long time. But within just mere months, the Andersens were approved to make Luo (soon to be called Jordan) a member of their family.

The Andersons are currently working through one of the most reputable adoption agencies that works with China, CCAI, but the costs involved in this adoption are estimated at $30,000. The Andersons are doing several different fundraisers locally with hopes donations will assist in their process of bringing Luo speedily home to them.

In This World, Changing the Life of a Child.  If you are interested in learning more about this family’s journey, or wish to support them in any way, please contact The Magic Foundation.  Donations can also be mailed directly to the adoption agency (or made online via credit card).

Original story by Jennifer Salem, Magic Foundation

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