Facts and Stats: 2012 Orphan Drug and Rare Disease Recap

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      2012 has been an interesting year for orphan drugs and rare diseases.

The topic of a new model of orphan drugs for Big Pharma and its profitability is the main Internet Buzz during the Summer of 2012, when Thomson Reuters comes out with their article titled, “The New Blockbusters: Orphan Drugs”. Big Pharma’s new strategic model of orphan drugs and rare diseases starts to replace Big Pharma’s traditional blockbuster drug model. Prof. M. Ian Phillips, Director of the Center for Rare Disease Therapies at the Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences in California, writes an Editorial in the  January 2013 issue of Expert Opinion on Orphan Drugs on this topic.

A historic regulatory event in Canada occurs when Canada’s Health Minister Aglukkaq announces the “1st ever Canadian framework to increase access to new treatments and information & the launch of Orphanet-Canada”.

Another news story in 2012 that creates…

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