The MAGIC Foundation Convention

I will never forget the first Magic Foundation convention I went to 8 years ago.  I learned so much from the educational sessions and informational segments – in turn of which helped to establish a solid understanding of where my son’s health needs are today.

This year, I recognized many faces of the long-term relationships I have built over the years – in part due to Magic’s ability to bring families together.  The medical commonalities that we share along with the similarities in raising a child with special needs  has brought each of us together as a cohesive family.

It has been wonderful to further solidify those relationships and gain further support from those individuals who truly understand what it is like living and dealing with a child of a chronic rare disease.

What has been even more fulfilling to me this year is meeting new families and not only taking the time to offer support from the perspective of a “long-term” participant of the convention, but also as a parent who has “lived” through what many of the new families have yet to possibly experience.

It also breaks my heart in some ways….. Ian could not be with me this year – as an 8 year-old – he had “more exciting” things to do with his time during his summer vacation.  (I suppose camp and Six Flags is a bit exciting).  But, what truly has brought tears to my eyes – is when I see the youngest newbies joining our cohesive Russell-Silver Syndrome/SGA family and seeing the “older” kids that I have known for 8 years now GROWING and making strides as they mature to teenagers and young adults.

It is quite the experience.  The younger up-and-coming generation brings back SO many memories of holding such a tiny child in my arms.  And seeing the older set of children GROWING taller and telling stories about how they still don’t always like to eat!

This year we had 71 returning families to the convention and 41 NEW families.  I love knowing that Ian and I are a part of such a special group of individuals.  A loving, caring, and nurturing group – one big FAMILY.   This too allows me to share the love that I have.

See this year’s Russell-Silver Syndrome / SGA “FAMILY” photo.

This little guy captured my heart.  He is 10 mos. old.  Yet, he is the size of a newborn baby (well, aside from his RSS head circumfrence that is).  It is amazing how he looks just like Ian, Jake, Alden, Andrew and many of the other RSS children…..

RSS – Age 10 Mos.

God Bless.