A Pilgrimage

When we speak of a pilgrimage, we are referring to a significant journey that brings us closer to our faith and religious beliefs.  A friend of mine is experiencing this spirital awakening as I write…. relaying to me via e-mail that the trip is simply amazing and bringing them closer to God. 

Metaphorically speaking – we are all on a pilgrimage.  Although the true meaning is connecting with the closer understanding of the divine by visiting those spiritual places that miracles and important events have taken place.  We too are on a pilgrimage – so-to-speak, as we search for who we are and where we have come from.

Another friend of mine contacted me today with severe disappointment in the ways of her father.  He has been remarried for some time now and is chronically obsessed with his new family – and more importantly – his new children.  My friend is sort of on this journey or “pilgrimage” to find where her place is in his heart.  Although his constant indifference of her current life falters short of his intrigue with his “new” children – I coach her that she is still a very important part of his life.  I also remind her that her step-father has been an integral part of her successes thus far in life – and to open her heavy heart to those blessings.  And amidst our conversation through the tears, I encourage her to lower the expectations of her father and find joy in herself for the treasures that are right before her – her mom, step-dad, sister and friends – as well as an extended family.

Interestingly enough – I have another friend who is still on her “pilgrimage” to find answers to her son’s medical issues.  Determining which health care provider is satisfactory for her child, what therapies are best for his future and whether or not her marriage will survive the contstant stress…..she is seeking affirmation that this life that was given to her for a “reason”.  I assure her that she was chosen to live this particiular journey because she and her child are special – and she needs to believe in herself – aside from her worries and fears.

Whether we are seeking a closer relationship with God, our biological father, or a better understanding of our purpose in life…..we are all on a pilgrimage.  What we do on that pilgrimage is critical to experiencing life at its fullest.  That amid the hardships, bumps, fear and confusion – life is a journey and full of joy.  Sometimes we have to travel great distances, love ourselves more fully and have trust in our chosen paths – but, overall – we are fortunate to be alive and experience all that has been given to us.

Happy Father’s Day!