Life’s Little Lessons…..

A Pastor friend of mine – in Florida, called me to tell me that my sabatical had lasted long enough and it was time to start sharing my “supposed” (my word) wisdom and get my fingers typing again. That my advocacy was needed and people “actually” (my word) were waiting in the wings to hear from me. Wow. I’m speechless. YET, grateful to know that some of my mere – yet, friendly and unsolicited comments and thoughts – un-profound as I find them to be – are helpful to others.

So, when I had received an e-mail from a dear friend (of 34 years) with news about a difficult situation in her life and the unwarranted insults that surrounded her, out of the kindness in her heart, she had attached to that e-mail a beautiful devotion by Tom Holladay – that included “Pray for those who insult you.” Luke 6:28….

…. This is a sentence I wrote to her in response….. ” It amazes me in some ways – and in other ways it doesn’t – but, I’m learning more and more as I get older – and gladly accepting the teachings of others while understanding the Bible with an even wiser heart. ”

And of course….along with the devotional reflections I read every day and the wonderful friends that lift me up and offer advice whether I really need it or not, I noticed something even more amazing the other day……

How the simple words and little actions of a child can warm our hearts and teach us about life…… make sure you turn up the volume…..

Ian on marriage

See. We all have something to give to each other. Whether we are facing a child with a new diagnosis, struggling with medical bills and hospital stays, a scary surgery, or even a child’s boredom issues during summer (sorry, had to slip that in) ….. there is always a lesson to be learned and shared. Sometimes we don’t even know it until after we’ve shared it…..

Me? Yes, I continue to learn and grow with those around me. Life is wonderful. Join me.