Little – Times Past

I get a lot of requests of what a Russell-Silver Syndrome child looks like when they are babies. I try to remind people…. Ian’s head is very disproportionate to his body….his head circumfrence was in the 85th %(percentile) – whereas his length and height were below the 3rd % (percentile)….basically – 0%. So, when viewing these pics – take into consideration that his head “outweighs” his body…

Here are two pics I rarely share….

Yes, tis true. Ian was incredibly tiny when he was born. At 16 inches, he was about the size of a bunch of bananas. I remember friends taking pictures of teddy bears, and other types of stuffed animals to show the size difference with their babies. But, a stuffed animal just didn’t have the same effect as this bunch of bananas did when we put them next to his little crying self. Shown here – Ian was wearing premie onsies. He wore these up until about 4 mos old.

The second pic is his 1st birthday. He was NOT thrilled. We never met a child who didn’t like frosting. And, he truly was not fond of the flame either. Smart kid. Pictured here – he was wearing size 3 mos clothing. He was 12 mos.