Joshua…Celebrating a Hero

We naturally feel incredible sadness when we hear about the death of a loved one.  So, after hearing the news that my friend lost someone very close to her – I naturally wanted to comfort her, hold and hug her, and let her know that this individual was in a better place.  Tears streamed down my face, knowing the loss was great.

She forwarded me the press release about Joshua.  What a beautiful child was he.  When I asked if I could add the news to my site, knowing that sharing the news would encourage others to pray for the families during their loss, I was not only amazed by the individual who responded, I was amazed by the response I had received….

Alison, Founder of the Joshua Frase Foundation replied …… “Absolutely! Celebrate the hero that he was…..”

I thought….Wow.  This amazing woman, mother of Joshua who is now resting in the heavens, was Celebrating the hero that he was.  I was so touched by this sentiment….her beautiful words.   As a mother of a child with a rare disease, I can relate to her undying affection and love for her child…..not necessarily different than the love we give all our children…but, a familiarity of additional hopes, fears, and determination that coincides with taking care of a child with special needs.  “…his legacy will live on!”…..she further writes. 

I am in awe of her strength, her courage and her love.   Joshua may have had “perceived” limitations….but, he was very fortunate.  Fortunate to have such beautiful parents and family and friends in his life….  Joshua – you are loved.  We will miss you. 

Please take a moment to visit and the attached link.   As a supporter of ALL rare disease, I urge you to “Celebrate the Hero” in Joshua.