Letting Go

Wow.  Where to start?

It all depends on where you are I suppose.  We can let go of a thing, an idea, a thought, or even a person.  But we should never let go of ourselves.

We make mistakes.  We need to let go of those ideals that we are striving to be perfect – we shouldn’t let go of our own self -worth because our objectives didn’t meet the expectations of others or ourselves.  All we can do is try and try again – no matter how hard the road before us.

We attempt to do our best and fail.  We should never minimize our own attempts to do what was right to begin with – because had we not made the decision to move forward, the outcome could have been entirely different.  Never let go of those decisions, whether right or wrong – because somewhere, somehow – you made a positive difference.

We expect too much of others.  We always want the best of our world around us…because, ultimately – we are a part of “that” world.  But, we should never let go of our willingness to step-aside from our perceptions of what our reality is compared to someone else’s.  No matter the intention of our pursuit, our failings are ours alone – no one elses, and we should not expect others to understand or see things from our perspective…we need to let go sometimes the needs and/or thoughts of others.

Letting Go.   It’s okay to let go of our children.   It’s okay to have a mission and not meet the expected ending.  It’s okay to allow others to help you and let go of your fears of dependency.  It’s okay to fight for what you think is right.  It’s okay to let go of the future – and let life take it’s course – to lessen the demands and expectations of ourselves and of our chilren.

BUT, never let go of who you are.  Because someone out there loves you, needs you and cares about what you think, what you say, what you do and who you have and will become.

Love thyself and Let Go.

Russll-Silver Syndrome

Copyright 2010 – Heather J. Earley