I was captivated by the softness and apparent fragility the intense yellow Lilly displayed before me. It was amid a spring bouquet of snap dragons, wax flowers and leptospermums – all of which required great care as their dainty buds dangled ever so carefully amid their stems. I was specific in my decision to pick these types of flowers as this bouquet was for a friend of mine who needed to be reminded that the essence of her beautiful soul was what guided her life’s journey – and even during difficult times, this arrangement of delicate and fragrant flora was a resemblance of who she was. Fragility – in its state is the essence of one’s weakened condition. The yellow Lilly is very fragile – yet appears vibrant and bold. The bright yellow hue captures one’s eye amidst the flowers surrounding it – asserting its power and proven ability to absorb the conscience of others. Yet, once the petal of the Lilly is bent, it is easily torn. Its color fades and weakens if not handled carefully and the withering of its life begins to take form. But, as I reminded my dear friend – it is the everlasting and carefree beauty and strength of the other flowers around her, our yellow Lilly – that will continue to give her strength – again – to emerge another bloom. Having a child with special needs tends to put us in this fragile state. We are bold and determined – yet, soft and delicate. We are bright and courageous in the beginning. And the elements surrounding us – the caress of a finger exploring a petal, the occasional tear of a leaf or the forgotten clean water after days or weeks – it is the other surrounding flowers that will get us through our weakened state. It’s okay to be fragile. It’s okay to not be on our game and perfect every day. It’s okay to make mistakes and feel threatened by the challenges we face. But, it’s even more acceptable to rely on those extra blooms around you. We as a society think we need to always be happy, shining, and strong. And there are days that it’s just not possible. But, when those feelings of dullness or a slight tear to your petal creeps into your day……..CALL or WRITE those vibrant blooms beside you. Because I can guarantee….your essence is what captivates the entire bouquet. Love you my friends.

Russell-Silver Syndrome

Copyright 2010 – Heather J. Earley